We’ve carried out preventive maintenance for KLCC T3 chiller pump & motor. We’ve found the mechanical seal & pump bearing failure during condition monitoring. Preventive maintenance has been undergoing before any further damages & breakdown occur.

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We’ve carried out overhauling for steel mill un-coiler speed reducer. Job scopes include:
1) Onsite dismantle, installation & commissioning
2) Pre-alignment & laser alignment
3) Complete gearbox overhauling
4) Gear contact test (Die pattern test)
5) Bearings, oil seals, gear lubricant replacement
6) Metal spraying, reclamation & backlash calibration
7) Temperature & vibration test for no-load testing in workshop for 30min & 1hour running for comparison purpose

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We are having presentation for Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP) about condition monitoring, predictive & preventive maintenance with 20 over participants in seminar room.

We have worked out closely with our business partners, especially in promoting super energy saving motor (Brook Crompton & WEG).

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Well, you will see I’m doing vibration analysis for this huge HV slip ring motor. Further analysis in FFT spectrum will be done after the onsite analysis.

We are able to perform the same analysis for any small, medium or large equipment.

We’ve done partial discharge (PD) inspection for 6.6kV motor incoming. Of course, we’ve found it. PD is critical for any high voltage utilities, and it is extremely dangerous.

My advices for HV users are:
-Find them
-Fix them
-Prevent them

Don’t ignore them, while you don’t realize they are actually around us. Let us find them for you!

We’ve carried out onsite acoustic lubrication with ultrasound technology. Engineers always have a question on volume of greases to apply into bearings during their PM is undergoing. Who can tell us the answer? None, but only by implementing acoustic lubrication we can apply the EXACT amount of grease that the bearing is needed to prevent from under-lubricated or over-lubricated.

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Another successful energy saving project in Colgate & Palmolive (M) Sdn Bhd. Tremendous saving of the power consumption for 12% out of 15kw motor.

We’ve successfully achieved 16074.6kw / Year of saving for the client. Whereas, the ROI for this project is within a year.

Congratulations, pals!

A successful partial discharge detection at Kapar Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd. KEV is a well-known power plant in klang valley.

PD found in 2620kW 11kV high voltage FD blower motor. Corona and tracking have been found in their motor termination. Client may save up to millions of Ringgit by solving this problem earlier, before any catastrophic failure and production down time happen.

We’ve installed a 3.3kV WEG motor in Kapar Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd. We’ve carried out laser alignment for the belt driven pulley. We should know how crucial it is, to achieve high precision in alignment in order to eliminate any possibility that may cause vibration for your machines.

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We are competent in handling all kind of jobs related to vibration issue, include:
-gear boxes

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A preventive maintenance project for homogenizer oven’s circulation blowers. We are providing a team of experienced & skillful maintenance personnel onsite to carry out dis-assembly work, overhauling work, dynamic balancing & re-assembly work for these 2 units of huge blowers. Work has been done effectively & the vibration issue has been solved.

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We are providing vibration analysis solution for AHU chiller blower at KLCC Tower 3. Poor vibration has been found, due to poor mounting, mechanical looseness and imbalance weight of blower wheel.

Analysis on FFT spectrum could easily tell us what is going wrong for your rotating equipments. We are planning for schedule maintenance to solve the vibration issue as soon as possible.

We’ve successfully detected partial discharge (PD) in a 810kW 6.6kV high voltage slip ring motor termination. We knew that PD could cause explosive for our termination & winding. It is extremely critical and dangerous.

How could we put our equipment and production in danger, yet we do not realize problems are existing in our systems?

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