Preventive Maintenance

Onsite Preventive & Schedule Maintenance Programs

We provide manpower to carry out on site PM job including dismantle, installation, overhaul & refurbishment of electric motors, cooling towers, pumps, gear boxes, blowers, etc.

Onsite Motor Removal & Installation

Save your manpower! We do for you!

Onsite Blower Dynamic Balancing

We provide technicians to carry out onsite dynamic balancing to solve your blowers vibration issues. More time saving & more effective.

Onsite Laser Alignment

Having misalignment problems? We provide onsite laser alignment services to calibrate your machines alignment.

Metal Spray & Mechanical Components Reclamation

We provide metal spray & mechanical components reclamation services to assist to achieve high precision reclamation on your machine.

Motor Rewinding

Motor rewinding is a specialized maintenance procedure aimed at restoring the functionality and efficiency of electric motors. Skilled technicians dismantle the motor’s stator or rotor windings, assess their condition, and replace worn coils with fresh, high-quality wire. Precision winding techniques ensure optimal configuration and insulation integrity, extending the motor’s lifespan and reducing downtime. This preventive measure helps address potential issues before significant failures occur, ensuring continued operational reliability and efficiency.