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About Us

PPM Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Concepts
is a corporate provides Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services & Preventive Maintenance (PM) services. We provide condition monitoring & analysis for your industrial machineries to minimize your maintenance cost effectively. We carry out our services with calibrated instruments by competent technical personnel to ensure our customers will get the best quality of work. The ultimate objective to carry out predictive & preventive maintenance is to attain Zero Failure Performance for our machine. Zero Failure Performance is, thus, not only desirable but also attainable and, in the long run highly profitable.

Proper selection of greases will solve most of your bearings’ problems.

Do you know the Interval of Relubrication for your machines ?

How to grease packing your bearing with correct amount of grease ?

PdM is an useful maintenance strategy mainly to detect initial stages of failure & evaluate the remaining useful life of your machine. It can be claimed as tool of condition monitoring, and effectively secure our machine from unexpected breakdown and further mechnaical distortion. PdM can reduce our maintenance cost effectively & maximize our machine reliability at all time.

Able to detect :
Rotor imbalance
• Broken fan blades
• Loss of balancing weights
• Poor footing
• Flimsy baseplate design
• Excessive bearing play
• Shaft misalignment
• Gear tooth damage
• Bent shaft

• Reduce friction & wear
• Protect against rust & corrosion
• Prevenet dirt, water & other contaminations from entering the part being lubricated

Screw compressor failures can cost millions of dollars in repairs & downtime. Predictive maintenance able to indentify earlier fault conditions to provide a large window to predict expensive downtime & inefficient operation.

In order to attain Zero failure performance for our machines, CMS is a must. CMS able to identify your machines’ mechanical & electrical components existing condition to ensure the effectiveness of your machines’ productivity.

Overgreasing will cause excessive heat against the bearing & speed up the oxidation of grease dramatically.

Undergreasing will reduce the thickness of oil film formed by grease. Friction between ball bearing & race way increase the operational temperature & speed up the oxidation of grease.

Pump cavitation causes inefficiency & catastrophic damage to pump systems. Detect cavitation & immediate corrective actions able to protect your pump mechanical parts & recover pump efficiency & capacity.

Measure temperature & gives you the full image of the situation. Thermography help us to find problems faster and easier with extreme accuracy. Effective technology in troubleshooting.

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